About Us

LKB Instruments. Head Office is based in Australia with locations in New Zealand, Indonesia, Fiji and China to support the South East Asia and Oceania Regions.

With over 20 years experience in Nuclear, Nuclear Medicine / PET, Biotech, Life Sciences, Academia, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Defence and Homeland Security.

LKB has a long Partnership with Tomtec USA. 96 well Automated Cell Harvesters and Brandel Harvesters designed for use with the LKB- Hidex SENSE BETA +. The SENSE Multilabel counter with the Plate Reader options of TRF, Time Resolved Fluorescence, FL, Fluorescence, FP, Fluorescence Polarization, Lum, Luminescence, Flash & Glow with Injectors, UV-Vis, LSC, Liquid Scintillation Counting for all Radioactive Beta Counter capabilities. Pre-programmed windows for 3H, C14, P32, P33, S-35, I125 and any other isotope is available to the Library.

C14, Carbon 14 Breath Test (Helicobacter Pylori) can be performed on our LKB-Hidex SL-300 Automated Liquid Scintillation Counter (LSC) and is the Industry Standard for Automated Patient Results with on-line Proprietary Software .

Our Dedicated RIA Gamma Counter DREAM 1,5,10 Detector and LKB-Hidex AMG 3" Automated Nuclear Medicine Gamma Counter with in built Balance is a modern alternative to the LKB Gamma 1260, Packard Cobra, Wallac 1470 / 1480 and Perkin Elmer 2470 / 2480 Models. The AMG Gamma can be used for any Radioactive Isotope to 3000 KeV. The only instrument available in this the 3 MeV range.

Bandelin Ultrasonic, Ultrasonic Water Bath, Sonicator systems are a real asset to you Lab. Cleaning, degassing, manipulation of DNA Cells, Yeast etc with our Homogenizer range is straight forward.

For Lab Automation : Tomtec Liquid Handling Robots and Systems. For Research and HTS to UHTS applications in 96, 384, 1536 well SBS plates. The range includes an Automated Plate Sealer with stackers, Plate Washer, Plate Incubator, 5 Channel Automated Homogenizer System.

SPE, Solid Phase Extraction, Genomic, Proteomic, magnetic bead, Nano Technology and DBS (Dried Blood Spot) are all proven Technologies with the Tomtec Range. Tomtec Automation was paramount in mapping the 'Human Genome'.

LKB in Partnership with BSI offers a complete range of HPGe N-type and Planar Detectors with shield capability, SiLi Detectors (SXRD)(ElSiX), HPGe mobile Spectrometers, Borehole Gamma Spectrometers, MCA, Digital MCA, Automated Water Analysis Platforms for Radionuclides, Radioactive Waste Management Systems, HPGe Hand Held Spectrometers for Homeland Security.

LKB-Hidex TDCR Automated LSC. The greatest advantage of TDCR is the easy and straightforward method of obtaining counting efficiency of the samples without an internal standard source of radioactivity for pure Beta. It's small footprint compared to old (2) PMT Technology Counters allows the Instrument to be placed in-situ from the Research Lab Bench to Surface Ships and Submarines.

LKB Instruments Australian Service and Support Centre can offer assistance with your LKB, EG&G, Wallac, Packard, Canberra, Beckman LSC and Gamma Counter.

An Isotope Removal Service to dispose the Internal Standard, such as Radium 226, Barium 133 when the 'Old Technology' Instrument is no longer required.