Homeland Security

LKB Homeland Security Product Range



Alpha / Beta Separation, Marinelli Flask, LSC, Luminescence, Gamma capability including Becquerel Finder for Radioactive Contamination in Food and food stuffs . Field Transportable including all Accessories.

The Triathler Multilabel Tester combines three powerful detection technologies:Liquid Scintillation Counting, Luminometry and Gamma counting in one compact unit with less than 15 kgs. The Triahler MLT can be equipped with alpha beta separation technology or field case with battery for on site measurements. World famous for its incredibly small size and huge power. The instrument can be equipped with superior Hidex Alpha Beta separation electronics and software that enable super low level detection of alpha isotopes. Taken on field for emergency response applications or environmental radiation monitoring. With the optional field case the instrument is conveniently shipped and stored even in rugged conditions.

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LKB - BSI Instrumentation

(Liquid Nitrogen Cooled)

The companyLKB Instruments in collaboration with Baltic Scientific Instruments specializes in the development and serial production of the spectrometric devices based on silicon, high-pure germanium and cadmium-zinc-tellurium detectors. Our products are applied in Nuclear Energy, Ecology, Geology , Mineral resource industry, Medicine and Research activities, Customs and Homeland Security.

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Unquenched Standard sets and Calibrators

Full range including C14, 3H, Background and all Gamma Calibrators in Vial and Test Tube.

Hidex Unquenched standards for LSC provide reliable and NIST traceable tools for instrument performance validation. The standards are manufactured under strict quality control measures and have a shelf-life of five years. Hidex standards meet GLP requirements. Unquenched standard set includes H-3, C-14 and Blank standards and are available in either 20ml vials or 7 ml vials. Full range of Gamma Standards are also available

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