LKB Environmental Product Range


Gamma Counter AMG Automated 3" Detector

With optional 3 MeV (Ultra High Energy) Capability.

We are proud to introduce our new automatic gamma counter. The compact design and superior user experience of our touch screen software makes the Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter ideal for Nuclear Medicine, PET and radiation protection work.

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Automatic TDCR Liquid Scintillation Counter

With TDCR (3 Low Level Photomultiplier Tubes) with Active Guard for all Environmental / Metrology.

The Hidex 300 SL is not only the first automatic TDCR counter on the market, but it is also the most modern Liquid scintillation Counter available. We have utilized our long experience in Liquid Scintillation Counting and combined it with the most sophisticated technology to bring unrivalled ease of use and convenience for Liquid Scintillation Counting.

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Alpha / Beta Separation, Marinelli Flask, LSC, Luminescence, Gamma Capability including. Field Transportable, light weight.

The Triathler Multilabel Tester combines three powerful detection technologies:Liquid Scintillation Counting, Luminometry and Gamma counting in one compact unit with less than 15 kgs. The Triahler MLT can be equipped with alpha beta separation technology or field case with battery for on site measurements. World famous for its incredibly small size and huge power. The instrument can be equipped with superior Hidex Alpha Beta separation electronics and software that enable super low level detection of alpha isotopes. Taken on field for emergency response applications or environmental radiation monitoring. With the optional field case the instrument is conveniently shipped and stored even in rugged conditions.

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Detectors, MCA, Monitoring Systems

HPGe N-type and Planar Detectors with shield capability, SiLi Detectors (SXRD)(ElSiX), HPGe mobile Spectrometers.

Detection, accumulation and processing of Gamma spectra in field and industry conditions. The Digital Spectrometric Device is a high - precision, ultra-fast all - digital spectrometer, comprising a single processing channel, a preamplifier power supply and a detector bias supply in a compact package. The Digital Spectrometric Device can accept signals from practically any radiation detector. The Digital Spectrometric Device has built-in support

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