Nuclear Medicine

LKB Nuclear Medicine Product Range


Gamma Counter Automated 3" Detector

With optional Balance and 3 MeV (Ultra High Energy) Capability. The only choice for GFR, In-Vitro, short Half-Life Isotopes with Remote Foot Switch Capabilities.

We are proud to introduce our new automatic gamma counter. The compact design and superior user experience of our touch screen software makes the Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter ideal for Nuclear Medicine, PET and radiation protection work.

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Automatic TDCR Liquid Scintillation Counter

With TDCR (3 Photomultiplier Tubes) for Research and C14 Helicobacter Pylori testing (Urea Breath Test)

The Hidex 300 SL is not only the first automatic TDCR counter on the market, but it is also the most modern Liquid scintillation Counter available. We have utilized our long experience in Liquid Scintillation Counting and combined it with the most sophisticated technology to bring unrivalled ease of use and convenience for Liquid Scintillation Counting.

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Hot Cells

Syringe Dispensers, Laminar Flow Cabinets, Pass throughs etc are all available.

LKB - Murphil-Tc is a shielded isolator with laminar flow suitable for the manipulation of the radiopharmaceuticals. The special construction features makes it ergonomic and functional, ideal to simplify routine tasks performed in a Nuclear Medicine Department, in strict compliance with GMP regulations and Radioprotection rules.

The hot cell adopts a constructive standard ELSĀ® (Encapsulated Lead System) that consists in encapsulating the lead shielding inside of closed frames avoiding lead contamination of environments.

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Radioactive Waste Management Systems

Comprehensive Systems incorporating GM, Neutron and NaI Detectors, Balances and Radioactive Waste Disposal System.

Through the measurement of the rate dose performed by a pair of plastic scintillators with high sensitivity and to an electronic balance, LKB-FOX is able to determine the concentration (in Bq/g) present inside the waste containers.

Different calibration factors can be used, based on the containers used.

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Environmental Monitoring Systems

Hot Cells, Chimney Stacks, Laboratories, allowing full Software Integration.

The LBK EMS consists of a central management unit, and by detecting unit devices capable of measuring gamma radiation or neutron.

A series of detectors and accessories allows you to configure the monitoring system and customize it according to the installation layout.

The probes are constructed in order to be suitable for GMP installation: no cable to view and electronics housed in stainless steel.

The system allows you to select the operating parameters of the detectors (alarms, measurement units, etc) directly from the central management unit.

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Hand, Feet and Clothing Monitor

Allows Laboratory Staff dealing with Radioactive Isotopes to check for Personal Contamination.

Hand-feet-clothes monitor for the measurement of surface contamination of staff working with unsealed radioactive sources in nuclear medicine laboratories, radiochemical and production centres.

Specifically designed and optimized for measuring contamination from radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine, conventional therapy and PET.

The system measures the level of contamination of each probe and provides to compare it with the alarm thresholds set, providing the operator with a visual and acoustic information.

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